Cyberbullying Awareness/Prevention Course

Course Instructor - Cheryl Capozzoli
Course Hours
- 10 hours
Course Requirements - Completion of the 20 hours, Discussion posts, projects.
Course Syllabus - TBD

This course has been developed student to provide awareness and prevention of all forms of cyberbullying. Today's students are faced with the new digital bullies, the ones that are often invisible to the eye, but as harmful and menacing as the face-to-face ones. Through the duration of this course students will be exposed to various examples of cyberbullying and its negative detrimental effects that is has on its victims and their families. Students will complete a cyberbully survey to identify their level of bully or victim. This course will provide identified bullies with information necessary for them to resolve their bullying practices as well as provide the victims with effective prevention strategies when confronted with cyberbullying tactics. All participants will be expected to display a new level of understanding of cyberbullying and it prevention.

Course Completion Criteria will include the following:
  1. All Unit artifacts must be completed by the end of a five week period.
  2. Students must log in to participate and get credit for online participation in discussions.
  3. Students must create and submit all required work to this wikispace.
  4. Every student will have their own page from which they can post comments, artifacts and course content.
  5. Course advisor will monitor and evaluate student performance and learning.

Creators of this course were High School students that felt the need to create a site about cyberbullies. We have designed this course to help students that have been either bullied or have bullied. We hope to provide some awareness of the severity of the problem faced by children today.